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    Nota: Envio gratuito em catálogos enviados nos EUA (incluindo o Alasca + Havaí). As encomendas de catálogo canadenses e internacionais incorrerão em uma taxa de frete de US $ 20 através do Bulk Mail. Itens adicionais podem incorrer em taxas adicionais de frete. O transporte acelerado implicará taxas adicionais de frete.

    Se você voa, repara, restaura ou constrói aeronaves, esse catálogo é uma obrigação para você. Totalmente ilustrado com mais de 100.000 produtos para aeronaves certificadas, experimentais e ultraleves e os pilotos que as voam. Nós carregamos a mais ampla seleção de produtos na indústria.
    • Mais de 1.100 páginas de produtos de aviação
    • Instrumentos e Avionica
    • Metal Sheet & Tubing
    • Materiais compósitos
    • Suprimentos de Piloto
    • Peças da estrutura
    • Suprimentos Elétricos
    • Kits de aeronave
    • Peças do motor
    • Engrenagem de pouso
    • Hardware
    • Livros e vídeos
    • E muito mais . .

    Fabricado nos EUA
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    2017-2018 CATALOG ON CD 01-00612 N/A

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    by John W

    Best Homebuider supplier in the world

    by Eddie H


    by W E

    This is a very good catalog.

    by Bryant L

    Just want catalog(s). Interested in homebuilt aircraft, and possibly building one.

    by Rj S


    by Robert P

    Your catalogue is the Bible of flying. over the years it has been the main back stay for parts/components such as filters, plugs,harnesses, magnetos, alternators,oilcoolers,seat rails, brake pads/rotors, HID landings lights, Air Wolf components, s/s screws,JPI probes & instruments,Temest Tornado Vac pumps, Michelin Air rubber...My list could be endless and Spruce service is faultless.Open at any page to read and learn.

    by Jim S

    It looks good to me!

    by T A

    Most helpful reference we have in the office.

    by Clark L

    Private license, (Canada)

    by Thomas S

    I've been following Aircraft Spruce since I was in my mid teens and am now 62. The company has provided through supply, via their catalog, a wealth of information and materials which has translated an entire industry from largely pre WWII designs, to aircraft such as the Cozy which are cutting edge. This has put the homebuilt industry ahead of most aircraft manufacturers in terms of modernity and continues to lead a new generation into the future.

    by Johnsang

    I would like Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

    Thank you every much.

    by Thomas S

    IF you wish to keep your finger on the pulse of the most exciting industry in the history of the world......If you wish to gain possession of a catalog fat with knowledge and that Burt Rutan himself has had at his fingertips as a basic staple of his world and whose very direction he has helped to shape... then you NEED this catalog. Did I say catalog ? I meant Grail.
    This is it folks !

    by Col. D

    Great selection of pilot gear and accessories. Will continue to order from it as future needs arise..

    Colonel Dean

    by Bill

    will be a great help Im sure!

    by Stan C

    Its nice to have a ready reference source for aircraft parts that never crashes, freezes, or goes offline. Just look up the part, pick up the phone, and Aircraft Spruce has your part on the way!

    by Bc

    a wealth of products and descriptions.

    by James M

    My go-to book on sourcing everything aviation

    by Paul L

    Wow. If it goes into an airplane, its in the catelog!

    by William H

    Magnum Opus!

    by Herb

    Probably the best aircraft supply catalogue around.

    by Roger S


    by Jason


    by Randy

    Internet ordering is nice but you cant top a great catolog.

    by Emil M

    by John G

    On Line is fast & easy, BUT There is NOTHING LIKE THE Aircraft Spruce PRINTED CATALOG.

    by Tommy E

    Just what I needed to find parts for my older planes.

    by Don W

    Its very heavy. LOL. Seriously, there is a lot of product information here. Im glad its I spent a few extra dollars on shipping to get a copy of the Spruce catalog.

    by H. C

    Great Catalog!

    by Andy G

    Like Oshkosh every summer, it keeps getting bigger and better, with more and more things to see, dream about, and buy, to help make your dreams come true.

    by Angela

    Thanks a lot for my hard copy!
    We didnt go to Oshkosh this year where I used to pick one.

    by Ronald L

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    Is it possible to get a copy of the catalog on CD? The PDF is tad large to download.
    Please use part number 01-00612. We have added it to this page in the "Accessories" tab.

    Is shipping to Canada subject to the $20 bulk mail charge when part of an order? Or is the $20 charge when the catalog is the only item ordered?
    No, the $20 bulk mail charge for Canada and International shipments is when the catalog is the only item on the order. If we are adding a catalog to an order with other merchandise, additional freight is not billed.

    Is there a shipping charge for delivery to Ohio if I am only ordering a catalog? The web page says there is not but the ordering form keeps putting a $10.00 charge on. I am a member of AOPA if makes a difference!
    No. There is no freight charge on catalog orders shipping within the USA. Make sure in the shopping cart that your country is set to USA and the freight charge will display FREE.
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