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    If manufacturing test reports are required, there is a minimum $15.00 charge per order. Please indicate in the special instructions box at the time of order that certs are required.

    * This item will be supplied as either .120 or .125.
  • Reviews

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    by Michael F

    it is the best

    by Paul K

    I purchased two 6 lengths of aluminum
    .500 dia x .035 wall thickness tubing. I was
    Extremely pleased with the product. The shipping was fast and my biggest concern was for the tubes to be straight. I am using these
    Tubes for masts on a model R.C. 1 Meter
    Sailboat. They arrived perfectly straight with
    Absolutely no damage. I will certainly recommend Aircraft Spruce to all the Boat Club
    Members. Thanks for a great product.

    by Jmp H

    We have been buying this tubing for years. It has always been very consistent in ID and OD.
    This order was different. The ID is normally .494-.495, but most of these are .490 or so. .005 is not a big deal, but we are reaming the ID to size, and normally take off less than .001.
    Taking off .006 with a reamer is a mess, and there is a lot of swearing.
    I compared the markings from the different IDs, and they are the same.
    The tubing is excellent quality, and we will continue to buy it. Just hoping that this is an isolated run...

    by James E

    I am using the 3x .065 wall for alternate air for my aircraft and the quality is great. Tig welding was a breeze due to the .065. Fit up was great and was able to cut with a jigsaw and then grinder with sanding disk with a file for final fit. I got more just to have in stock.

    by Hal S

    arrived ok

    by John R

    Excellent product with great prices and fast/cost effective shipping from ACS!!!

    by Jeffrey C

    Great quality material- handles bends up to 180 deg using a 2 3/8 inside radius conduit bender

    by Cliff H

    Pleased with ability to order on Sunday after weekend Build-a-Plane session and have material needed before the next session.

    by Uk

    Tubing was what I expected. It was great to see possibility to order exact length. Wide variety of shipping options allowed to keep costs low!

    by William B

    I purchased 1 ft piece of 6061T6 ALUM TUBE 1-5/8X.058 for an antenna repair. Quickly delivered. Very reasonable price and shipping. Excellent source for hobbiest looking for wide selection and no minimum orders.

    by David G

    Best prices around

    by Dennis S

    The shipping costs are the lowest I have found.
    The tracking number didnt work from the e-mail, so it was a surprise when it showed up at my door. My neighbor told me it was sitting outside unattended.
    I like using the internet to order aluminum.

    by David G

    great product, best prices around

    by Ron M

    Thanks a bunch

    by Tim

    Great supplier. Quick shipping.
  • Q+A

    Ask a question

    Is this seamless tubing?
    Yes, this is seamless tubing.

    What is pressure rating for 3/16 - .035 wall 6061T6 aluminum tube? Part no. 03-00012
    The tech data sheet does not list a pressure rating for this material. The Barlows Formula, which is the the theoretical bursting pressure for tubes, is 2 X (tensile strength) X wall thickness, divided by 3, gives the theoretical bursting pressure. Example, 6061T6 has 45,000 tensile strength, so 2 X 45,000 X .035 = 3150 divided by 3 = 1050 psi burst pressure.

    Hello, the * note at the bottom of the page indicates that the tubing supplied is .120 or .125. It would seem to indicate wall thickness. If I order 7/8 tubing with a wall thickness of .065 will I be receiving tubing with a wall thickness of .120 or .125 instead? Sorry but its a bit confusing as I don't see the * note next any in the listing and would think it applies to all. Thanks
    The * note applies only to part number 03-37450. In your example, you would be receiving thickness of .065. Sorry for the confusion.

    What specs are listed on the test reports for this 6061T6 Round Aluminum Tubing?
    The following specs are listed on the cert: AMS - WW - T - 700/6B; AMS 4082P; ASTM B 210-04.

    Is the price for each meter or foot?
    The price shown in the price column is the price per foot. All of our metal tubing is priced and sold by the foot.

    Is the 6061T6 aluminum tubing coiled for shipping or straight?
    6061T6 tubing cannot be coiled for shipping. All pieces must ship straight. We can cut to smaller lengths for shipping but cannot coil.

    Your lengths for 6061-T6 appear to be limited to 12ft. Is it possible to buy slightly longer?
    No, 12 feet is the standard mill length for 6061 material.
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