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  • Overview
    Are available in a variety of sizes for light to medium general aviation aircraft that have a maximum ground speed of 120 MPH. on the runway. All tires are tube type for use with Goodyear or McCreary tubes.

    Download the Condor Data Sheet (PDF)

  • Reviews

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    by Bob

    Condor is basically a Michelin Tire that sells for less. Excellent buy!

    by Wade

    Competitively priced with cheap shipping rate and received on time! Thanks.

    by Michael H

    Great buy. Smooth rolling on takeoff and landing!

    by Scott

    Very good tire. Excellent quality. Great value for the money.

    by Ryan

    Excellent quality. Balanced out perfect and runs smooth.
  • Q+A

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    Is there any shelf life limit for Condor aircraft tires?
    Per the Michelin Aircraft Tire Care and Service Manual: 2.3. Tire or tube age limit
    2.3.1. MICHELIN. aircraft tires or tubes have no age limit and may be placed in service, regardless of their age, provided all inspection criteria for service/storage/mounting and individual customer imposed restrictions are met.

    Does the Condor tires come with a tube? 6.00x6 needed 072-314-0
    No, tubes must be ordered separately. The tube part # you need is 06-00021.

    What is the proper tube to use with CONDOR TIRE 15X6.0-6 6PLY 072-449-0?
    For straight valve stem, which is most common, use our part # 06-01373. For bent valve stem, use our part # 06-00853.

    What is the correct PSI for part # 06-08010?
    Per the Michelin Aircraft Tire Care and Service Manual, Refer to the aircraft maintenance manual to determine the operating pressure.
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