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  • Overview
    The Volmer VJ-22 "Sportsman" is a two-place, side by side, closed cabin, highwing monoplane, amphibious flying boat. The original Sportsman was completed December 1958. The rigid, corrosion proof hull is made of 1/16 inch and 3/32 inch aircraft mahogany plywood with 1/4 inch plywood at the step for maximum strength and covered with fiberglass for added protection. Numerous testing from calm water to five foot swells in the open sea have proven the design to be both extremely airworthy and seaworthy. Wings are wood spar and ribs, fabric covered. It takes off from water at sea level in about 20 seconds. The VJ-22 is powered by a Continental C-85, starter and gen. It has a cruising speed of 85 mph and stalls at 45 mph.

    For more info:
    Volmer Club of America
    Attn: Robert Albrecht
    536 Oak Ave., Bridge City, LA. 70094
    Ph: 504-436-6248
    rjaflys@aol.com www.volmeraircraft.com
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  • Specifications
    • Kit Price Without Engine: N/A
    • Plans Price: $250
    • Number of Seats: 2
    • Building Materials: W, FG, F
    • Building Time: ~2800 Hours
    • Standard Engine: Continental C-85 / 100 HP
    • Horsepower: 85-100 HP
    • Wing Span: 36.5'
    • Wing Area: 180 sq ft
    • Empty Weight: 1000 lbs
    • Gross Weight: 1500 lbs
    • Takeoff Distance: 350'
    • Landing Distance: 500'
    • Cruise Speed: 100 mph
    • Top Speed: 125 mph
    • Fuel Capacity: 20 Gallons
    • Range: 320 miles
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