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  • Overview
    The Original 1929 Model A Powered Light Plane -

    Designed by Bernard H Pietenpol to get the best possible performance from a Model A motor, to be easy to fly, and to get the most flying hours for the money invested. The Pietenpol Air Camper continues to be a successful design for the same reasons homebuilders were so fascinated by the design 85 years ago. It still has graceful styling, predictable flying qualities, and easy construction.

    Bernard Pietenpol never lost sight of the cost of flying and showed his true genius in keeping the construction cost down - and within reach of the common man.

    They are durable because Bernard went out of his way to make every part of the ship stronger than necessary.

    Original Pietenpol Wing Kit - Part # 01-01304: Kit supports both single piece wing and three piece wing build.

    Original Pietenpol Fuselage Kit - Part # 01-01305: Kit supports both original length fuselage and extended length fuselage build.

    Original Pietenpol Air Camper Plans - Part # 01-01307: Original plans developed and updated by the designer Bernard H Pietenpol. Plans, with their drawings, specifications, and instructions are copyrighted material. Plans support one or three piece wing, standard and extended fuselage, engines (Ford Model A, Corvair, A-65, other), and wooden or steel landing gear options.

    Click Here to read about a Pietenpol success story!

    B.H. Pietenpol And Sons Air Camper Aircraft L.L.C.
    7203 Imperial Ave S Cottage Grove, MN 55016
    Phone: (651) 459-3209
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  • Specifications
    • Wing Span: 28' 2"ft.
    • Wing Chord: 5 ft.
    • Wing Surface: 140 sq ft Length 17 ft. 8 in.
    • Height Overall: 6 ft. 6 in.
    • Tread: 53 in.
    • Empty Weight: 625 lb.
    • Engine: Ford Model A, Corvair, A-65, other.
    • Useful Load: 456 lb.
    • Climb Light: Load over 500 ft. first min.
    • Climb Full: Load over 200 ft. first min.
    • Take-Off Speed: 60-75 mph.
    • High Speed: 90 mph.
    • Landing Speed: 35 mph.
    • Fuel Capacity: 10-18 gal.
    • Take-off Run: 150 ft.
    • Landing Run: 250 ft.
    • Weight of Wing: Complete 95 lbs.
    • Weight of Body: Complete 130 lbs.
    • Weight of Motor with Magneto: Complete 244 lbs.
    • Weight of Radiator: 21 lbs.
    • Weight of Propeller: 21 lbs.
    • Total Weight of Airplane with Water: 625 lbs.
    • Gross Load: 1080 lbs.
    • Load per Square Foot: 7.7 lbs.
  • Kit Contents
  • Reviews

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    by Russ H

    by Pravin P

    i love this

    by Chris

    Nothing was missing from my order and the wood appeared to be of good quality.

    by James O

    I love the airplane it has smart look to it.
  • Q+A

    Ask a question

    Are the Pietenpol plans the same as Product 8 on the Pietenol website? Im curious to know exactly what is included in the plans package and how they compare to the plans available from the Pietenpol website. Thanks....
    Yes. The Pietenpol plans we offer are purchased from Andrew Pietenpol, and is Product 8 on their web site.
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