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  • Overview
    The Long-EZ designed by Burt Rutan, is a homebuilt aircraft derived from the VariEze. Changes from the VariEze include a larger main wing with modified Eppler 1230 airfoil and less sweep, larger strakes containing more fuel and baggage storage, slightly wider cabin, and the ability to use a Lycoming 108 hp engine with no nose ballast. The aircraft is designed for fuel-efficient long-range flight and can fly for over ten hours and up to 1,600 miles (2,500 kilometers) on 52 gallons (200 liters) of fuel. The pilot sits in a semi-reclined seat and controls the Long-EZ by means of a side-stick controller situated on the right-hand console. In addition to having an airbrake on the underside, the twin tailís wingtip rudders can be deflected outwards to act as auxiliary airbrakes. The aircraft will not stall in the manner of a conventional aircraft since, if the Long-EZ reaches too low a speed, the front (canard) wing will stall and
    lower the aircraft nose until speed is regained.
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  • Specifications
    • Kit Price Without Engine: ~$30,000
    • Plans Price: N/A
    • Number of Seats: 1
    • Building Materials: N/A
    • Building Time: N/A
    • Standard Engine: Lycoming O-235 115HP
    • Horsepower: 115
    • Wing Span: 26.1'
    • Wing Aera: 81.99 sq ft
    • Empty Weight: 710 lbs
    • Gross Weight: 1325 lbs
    • Takeoff Distance: N/A
    • Landing Distance: 1200'
    • Cruise Speed: 144 mph
    • Top Speed: 185 mph
    • Fuel Capacity: 52 Gallons
    • Range: 2010 miles
  • Reviews

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    by Martin H

    Built, own and fly one. Builders usually use the Lycoming 320 engine for improved performance. Baggage pods help for distance travel with a passenger. Supreme economy and speed for the money. Typical 160 Kts True at 7.5gal/hour actual and common numbers.

    by Alberto

    Hola me podrian comunicar el costo de los planos para construir el avion long ez

    by Bryan

    For another .50 you could have provided pictures so we know what we are buying. Your part numbers are nondescript.
  • Q+A

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    Do you have any Long EZ build plans for sale?
    We do not carry they Long EZ plans as they are no longer printed. The best bet to find them is to check the Aircraft Spruce Builder Forums or Trade-A-Plane for anyone selling their plans.
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