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  • Overview

    This plane is a structurally simple and easy-to-fly airplane designed to the requirements of the Experimental aircraft Association for home construction and storage in a space 7 x 8 x 20, which is equivalent to the standard home garage. Great emphasis has been placed upon safe flight characteristics and good low speed performance for takeoff and landing at some sacrifice of high speed.

    The structure has been designed for standard airplane engines from 65 to 85 horsepower and the aerodynamic features are of sizes and proportions suited to obtaining the best allaround performance in this power range. Because of this, there is not enough advantage to be gained from using engines of significantly higher power to offset the cost and weight penalties. Increasing the power to increase the aerobatic capability is not recommended. FLY BABY will do simple recreational aerobatics very well but is not intended for rough air show or competition maneuvers. The plane can be built both as a biplane and as a monoplane.

    Contact David R. Bowers:
    13730 Burke Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022-3549
    Phone: (650) 948-3229 Http://www.bowersflybaby.com
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    Builders Forum
  • Specifications
    • Kit Price Without Engine: ~$8,125
    • Plans Price: $145
    • Number of Seats: 1
    • Building Materials: Wood and fabric
    • Building Time: ~1200 Hours
    • Standard Engine: Continental A-65
    • Horsepower: 65-100 hp
    • Wing Span: 28'
    • Wing Area: 120 sq ft
    • Empty Weight: 605 lbs
    • Gross Weight: 925 lbs
    • Takeoff Distance: 350'
    • Landing Distance: 420'
    • Cruise Speed: 95 mph
    • Top Speed: 120 mph
    • Fuel Capacity: 16 Gallons
    • Range: 320 miles
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