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  • Overview
    Designed and constructed by Charles Roloff, Carl Unger, and Bob Liposky, the Breezy was first introduced in 1965, and hailed as one of the most distinctive and unusual homebuilt designs to ever attend an EAA Fly-in. Though there have been a lot other designs, particularly homebuilts, that embody the open cockpit which trademarks a Breezy, nothing can surpass it for the view and fresh air feeling. The original Breezy was designed and built to accept a set of PA-12 wings. For that reason, there are no wing drawings with the plans. It is possible to substitute PA-14, PA-18, or J-3,4, or 5 wings. Itís also possible to order wing kits that replicate a J-3 wing. Power for the prototype, which now hangs in the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, WI, is a Continental C-90. The Breezy will carry a pilot and two passengers.

    To purchase Plans & for Free Kit List, Contact:
    Rob Unger
    8751 S. Kilbourn
    Oak Lawn, IL 60456
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  • Specifications
    • Kit Price Without Engine: ~$4,500
    • Plans Price: $155
    • Number of Seats: 2
    • Building Materials: N/A
    • Building Time: ~1200 Hours
    • Standard Engine: Continental O-200B
    • Horsepower: 90-150
    • Wing Span: 33'
    • Wing Area: 165 sq ft
    • Empty Weight: 762 lbs
    • Gross Weight: 1458 lbs
    • Takeoff Distance: 450'
    • Landing Distance: 300'
    • Cruise Speed: 75 mph
    • Top Speed: 105 mph
    • Fuel Capacity: 22 Gallons
    • Range: 250 miles
  • Reviews

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    by James E

    I this that breezy have long good history
    And the cost of its still good resanble keep contract me thank you

    by Jim C

    by Ron

    I see a pilot and one passenger,where is the second passenger seated.

    by James E

    I believe breezy flyin USA
    Also which one the best kit use metal or alumni kits high percent safe when flying ? And how much cost metalkits and alumni kits let me know thank you james
  • Q+A

    Ask a question

    Can the Breezy be set up with dual controls?
    Yes, the Breezy can be built with dual controls. It is up to the builder.
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