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    The Bearhawk is a 4-place built design with generous proportions and superior performance. The design parameter were for a heavy hauling BIG airplane with a good cruise speed and economical operation. Short field performance is excellent with the large flaps.

    The Bearhawk has an all metal wing with a fabric covered steel tube fuselage and tail feathers. A Cessna windshield and the fiberglass nose bowl are some airframe components that need not be built by the homebuilder. The builder time is estimated at 1500-2000 hrs. There are no complicated fittings or parts that the homebuilder would not be able to make. Access to an 8 ft. sheet metal brake, a welding kit, rivet gun, clecos, air compressor, tin snips and basic hand tools are all that are needed to build this aircraft. The Bearhawk is an original design by Robert Barrows of Fincastle, Virginia.

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  • Specifications
    • Kit Price Without Engine: ~$35,000
    • Plans Price: $295
    • Number of Seats: 4
    • Building Materials: N/A
    • Building Time: ~850-1200 Hours
    • Standard Engine: Lycoming O-360 thru O-540
    • Horsepower: 180-250
    • Wing Span: 33'
    • Wing Area: 180 sq ft
    • Empty Weight: 1150 lbs
    • Gross Weight: 2500 lbs
    • Takeoff Distance: 200-500'
    • Landing Distance: 300-500'
    • Cruise Speed: 150 mph
    • Top Speed: 175 mph
    • Fuel Capacity: 55 Gallons
    • Range: 800 miles
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    What is the total baggage space in the aircraft?
    While we don't have all design and plan details available, the total cabin space from the firewall to the end of the baggage area is 9 ft, 8 inches.
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