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    The new AQUAJET X, designed by Don James, and inspired by forthcoming warbirds F22 Raptor and X35 Joint Strike Fighter, provides the next level of flying excitement and realism between the AquaJet and a real airplane.

    To provide vectored thrust via rudder pedals while creating the jet engine sound you can add an electric leaf blower (electric leaf blower is not included with the kit). Also there is a more sophisticated suspension system. Thus, the Aquajet X can climb at 30 deg., dive at 15 deg., bank, turn and spin up to three revolutions under full control of the pilot. A throttle actuates the lift cylinder - controlling takeoff, climb and descent so the stick can control pitch and landing flare.

    *Note: The Aqua Jet kit list includes all of the parts we can provide. Other items are required to build the Aqua Jet and many of them can be sourced at hardware stores and building centers.

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