Part # 11-14946


  • Overview
    Plug in with the most affordable TSO-Certified Charging Port.

    Enjoy the convenience of USB power in your aircraft panel delivered by the durable, high-quality engineering that you expect with the Stratus name.

    Stratus Power(TM) is a simple, TSO-certified charging port that will keep your phone, tablet, ADS-B receiver and other devices charged and ready.
  • Features
    • Dual USB-A charging ports (2.5 amps each)
    • FAA certified to TSO-C71
    • Designed and built in the USA
    • Cylindrical shape for easy, drill-in panel installation
    • Shielded to prevent any added RF noise in comm radios
    • Two-year product warranty
  • Specifications
    • 1.848″ w x 1.848″ h x 1.391″ d - (Depth includes the mating connector)
  • Documents
  • Reviews

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    by Robert

    After installing this unit we ran a test with the master on and foreflight running. My iPad still charged. Cannot wait to see how it does during a long flight with the engine running and various apps running.

    Unit comes with the face plate which provides a finished look.
  • Q+A

    Ask a question

    Do the ports on the Appareo Stratus Power USB light up to see at night?
    No. This is not lighted.

    What size hole does the Appareo Stratus Power USB port fit into?
    We have added the Installation Manual PDF to the Documents tab of the web page, please download and review it there. The drawing is included within the Install Manual.

    Does this Appareo Stratus USB charging port cause RF noise in aviation COM radios?
    No, it is shielded to prevent any added RF noise in comms.

    Is this Appareo Stratus Power USB Charging Port a 2.1 amp or 2.5 amp charger? It is advertised as 2.5 but the installation manual lists both 2.1 and 2.5. What is the standard output per USB port?
    This is a 2.5 amp charger, Per Appareo, the 2.1 amp reference in the manual was an error.
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