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  • Overview
    By using the ELL, the Electronic Landing Light, ultralight aircraft are better perceived even during the day. The special feature of the light-emitting diode-based landing light is the integrated anti-collision light (ACL). Thus, the ELL functions both as a normal landing light and as anti-collision light in the direction of flight (ie forward). This significantly increases the visibility of the aircraft in flight.

    Landing Lights ELL80is is the logical evolution of the proven ELL80 for integration into the family of "intelligent synchronization". With the specially selected LEDs, the ELL80is achieves four times the light output of its predecessor. Mounting and weight are identical to its predecessor, so that it can be replaced 1:1.

    The ELL80is is pre-wired for easy connection to a cable with at least 1.5 mm˛ conductor cross-section with 0.5 mm˛ highly flexible stranded wire and has a separate connection for the landing light and for the ACL. The installation instructions and the required shrink tubing are enclosed.

    Due to the forward-looking construction, the ELL is water and seawater resistant and therefore ideally suited to be used in seaplanes. It is temperature controlled and corrosion and UV resistant.
  • Specifications
    • Operating Voltage: 10 -17 Volt DC, typical: 12.8 - 13.4 Volt (vehicle electrical system)
    • Power Consumption: Landing lights about 45 watts / ACL about 20 watts
    • Brightness: > 75,000 Candelar
    • Diameter: About 80 mm
    • Depth: About 35 mm
    • Mass: About 230 grams
    • Guarantee: 5,000 operating hours or max. 3 years
  • Alternatives
    Part Number Description Price
    11-06452 ELECTRONIC ROTATING BEACON $477.00 Click here
    for details
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