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    Presewn envelopes are much easier to install than fabric yard goods. The envelopes are sewn to fit each individual surface depending upon the type of airplane. They can be placed on the surface like a sock. The envelopes are sewn using a special thread and special stitches. Fabric tapes must be placed over all seams. The seams can be sewn chordwise or spanwise for the wings. Individual Pieces Priced Per Each. On presewn envelopes, individual pricing is done by each piece. (example: If your airplane is a Stearman, you will have 4 wings. Price shown is per wing - $86.44. Your cost for all 4 would be: 86.44 x 4 =$345.76.)
  • Alternatives
    Part Number Description Price
    09-70640-1 CESSNA T50/UC78 STABILIZER P99 $103.95 Click here
    for details
    09-70640-3 CESSNA T50/UC78 STABILIZER P103 $95.75 Click here
    for details
    09-70640-5 CESSNA T50/UC78 STABILIZER C101 $103.95 Click here
    for details
    09-70640-6 CESSNA T50/UC78 STABILIZER C102 $95.75 Click here
    for details
    09-70650-1 CESSNA T50/UC78 ELEVATOR P99 $66.00 Click here
    for details
    09-70650-3 CESSNA T50/UC78 ELEVATOR P103 $95.75 Click here
    for details
    09-70650-5 CESSNA T50/UC78 ELEVATOR C101 $66.00 Click here
    for details
    09-70650-6 CESSNA T50/UC78 ELEVATOR C102 $61.00 Click here
    for details
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    by Elvin Rojas

    I have a wing challenger 2 special short wing clip two passenger, I want to know how much it costs covering. And encluye. example covering for the wings, ailerons, elevators, roder estabelizadores
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    What is the difference between P103 and P99?
    The P103 is the medium weight fabric and the P99 is the heavy weight fabric. The same pattern is used to sew the envelope so no difference in the fit between the fabrics.

    What is included with the pre-sewn envelopes? Fabric only? Inspection holes and covers? Tapes? Lacing? Adhesives?
    The pre-sewn envelopes include the fabric only sewn into the envelope pattern. All additional materials will need to be purchased seperately.
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