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    This is a fibrous glass reinforcement designed to furnish exceptionally high directional strength. Manufactured from parallel strands of glass roving which are held together by a fine woven cross thread. The placement of the cross thread is such that the parallel rovings do not wander or have a tendency to cross over each other.

    This 100% unidirectional tape can be used instead of unidirectional fabric for spar caps, wings and elevators. Contours well and cuts building time considerably. May be used with either polyester or epoxy systems. Used on Polliwagen. Long-EZ, Cozy. Adventure and applicable to all composites.
    Made of E-Glass
    Sold by the yard.

    Wt. 22 oz./sq. yd., 0.025" thick, approximately 3" Wide.
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    Can the width of the tape vary?
    Yes. It can be between 2-1/2" and 3".

    If I order 2 yards on this unidirectional fiberglass tape, will I get a piece that is 6 continuous feet long?
    Yes, it is sold by the linear yard, so 2 yards would be 6 continuous feet.

    Approx. how many roving strands wide is the tape?
    Approximately 30. Tap runs 2.5 to 3 inches wide.

    How many yards are in a full roll of unidirectional fiberglass tape 3"?
    A full roll is approximately 180yds.
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