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  • Overview
    Poly Epoxy is a true high-performance epoxy resin with unmatched tensile, compressive, and flex strengths. It also has unbeatable peel, shear, and fatigue resistance, as well as impact strength and fracture behavior. Its great for wings, canards, fuselages, tail feathers, and landing gear.

    Use it in molds or moldless construction. It parts easily and works beautifully in vacuum bagging.
  • Tech Data

    Additonal Tech Data
    Mechanical Properties:
    w/Post Cure
    w/o Post Cure
    Tensile Strength, psi
    Elongation at Break, %
    Tensile Modulus, psi
    Flexural Strength, psi
    Flexural Modulus, psi
    Compressive Strength, psi
    Shore D Hardness
    Glass Transition Temp., C
    Heat Distortion Temp., C
    Water Immersion Weight Gain, %
    (140 F, 30 days)
    Mixing Ratio:3 parts Resin to 1 part Converter by Weight 10 parts Resin to 4 parts Converter by Volume

    Pot Life, 100 grams .............. 105 mins 1 quart......................75 mins
    Mold Open Time.......................3-4 hrs Tack Free Time......... 5-6 hrs
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  • Q+A

    Ask a question

    Can I get the value of density of your poly epoxy?
    We have added to the "Tech Data" tab on this web page. It now includes the density information.

    Would you have a copy of the MSDS report for this Poly Epoxy material?
    We have added the MSDS to the "Documents" tab of this web page for your review.

    Poly Epoxy resin has solidified in the can. Cross linker is fine. How should I re-melt the resin?
    Poly Epoxy resin can become a cloudy white color, and possibly crystallize. This is not uncommon, and the material is still in good condition. The resin will need to be heated up to about 120 degrees or until clear, and stirred before use. Once clear, it is as good as new. To help prevent this from happening again, store in a warm place, approximately 77 degrees, and keep tightly sealed.

    Is there any information regarding room temperature cure time? I am not planning on post curing the part.
    24 hour cure at room temp, 77*F, but longer in colder conditions. 7 day full cure.

    Does Poly-Poxy Epoxy dry flexible or stiff? I've found that some epoxy types dry flexible. But I am looking for one that dries stiff.
    This is a structural epoxy and cures stiff. The amount of fabric used in the lay-up will determine how stiff the part will be. The more material, the stiffer the part.

    The Tech Data for the Polu Epoxy mentions a post cure, what time and temp should be used for the post cure after the room temp cure?
    Post curing is not required, but would be achieved by heating the part in, in a supported mold, to 140*F for 2 hours.

    I see no information about fuel immersion or resistance to fuel or oil once cured. Is there any information available?
    Per Vendor: We do not have any data as if this resistant to fuel or oil once it has been cured. Although, under most conditions this is a very resilient material.

    When using Poly Epoxy with the room temp. cure, does the glass have to be clamped in place? Can you layup multiple layers of glass all at the same time with one gluing when using the room temp. cure?
    Poly Epoxy has approx a 60 min pot life, and multiple ply's can be layed up at one time. Clamping is not required, unless you're using it as an adhesive to bond two parts together.

    Does this system create the emin-blush (waxy film when cured)? With room temp. cure, how long do you have to wait before gluing on another layer of glass? How long should it cure before doing any sanding can be done?
    There is very little, or no amin-blush when cured, and can be sanded when cured, 24 hrs at 77*F.

    Is this Poly Epoxy Structural System resin compatible with carbon fiber lay ups?
    Yes, it will work great for carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar wet lay ups.
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