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    RATIO: 100 pbw to 33 pbw

    DLRH-3212 is an unfilled, clean epoxy resin system with a long pot life. DLRH-3212 is a tough, strong, impact resistant resin with chemical resistance. It has excellent wetting quality on kevlar, carbon graphite and fiberglass cloth. Used extensively in construction of aircraft, race cars, motorcycles, helmets and sports equipment. Mixing Ratio by Wt: 100:30; Pot Life (200 Gm MASS) 60 Min; Tensile Strength @ 25 C 12,500; Flexural Modulus @ 25 C 40,900; Heat Deflection 325 F; Thermal Shock 72F125F; Shore D: 80, Density: Resin: 9.7, Hardener: 7.9, Mixed: 9.1; Shelf Life: Resin/ Hardener 1 Year.

    Ratio by Weight
    100 pbw to 33 pbw
    Pot Life
    60 minutes
    Heat Distortion Temperature

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    by R. A

    I use this resin extensively throughout our mid-sized UAV. I have always preferred MGS 285, but HTR works great for most parts and wets out almost as well. Unfortunately no choice of hardeners. Pot life is just long enough to layup wing-skins or thick, complicated carbon components Maybe 1hr tops before closing the mold or pulling vacuum. I really love the high temp resistance of this resin compared to MGS. Need to debond a fitting or joint? Hit it with the heat gun and pull it apart. The HTR part is uneffected, while West sys, 3M DP420 and others turn to putty. Simply put A pleasure to work with!
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    Does this resin come with hardener? What is the cure temperature? Thanks
    This is a kit, which has the resin and hardener. It is a room temp cure epoxy system.

    Which hardener does this HTR-212 laminating resin come with?
    This kit comes with HTR-212 Resin and HT-386-99 hardener.

    Does this resin require a finishing resin coat? How does it compare to MGS regarding fabric wetting out? viscosity? Thanks.
    Per the supplier: This resin is very clear. Most people use it for aftermarket parts. A lot of racing people like it as well. Viscosity at room temperature is about 1200cps. It wets out very nicely.
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