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  • Overview
    In early 1996, Composite Design Co. developed E-Z Poxy to provide a replacement epoxy system for Epolite (Safe-T-Poxy) which is no longer produced by Hexcel. The E-Z Poxy series of laminating systems utilizes one resin and your choice of three hardeners for varying pot life and viscosity requirements. The E-Z Poxy systems offer the same handling and physical properties as the discontinued Epolite systems including ease of use, long pot life, rapid cure for demold or process continuation, and superior room temperature curing properties. Excellent for use in sport aviation, marine, and industrial applications.
    E-Z 83 hardener is equivalent to Safe-T-Poxy standard hardener, E-Z 84 is equivalent to Safe-T-Poxy II hardener, and E-Z 87 is equivalent to Safe-T-Poxy slow hardener. E-Z Poxy products should not be mixed with materials produced by other epoxy manufacturers.
    E-Z Poxy systems provide excellent room temperature curing systems for hand layup of composite parts and tooling. The systems are designed to provide ample working time with the varied pot life options while providing a rapid finish cure. Post curing these systems will increase their physical properties as designated in the above data, however, post cure is not required.

    Containers are filled by weight. Cans may be short filled.
  • Specifications
    E-Z 10 Epoxy Resin
    E-Z 84 Aromatic Amine Hardener
    E-Z 83 Aromatic Amine Hardener
    E-Z 87 Aromatic Amin Hardener
    E-Z 10 Resin (Viscosity 1500 cps @ 77F) with:
    Hardener EZ 83 EZ 84 EZ 87
    Mixed Properties:
    Mixed Viscosity cps @ 77F* 1300 800 1500
    Viscosity Hardener cps @ 77F* 410 140 830
    Pot Life @ 77F 2 hours 2 hours 5 hours
    Tack Free @ 77F 4 hours 8 hours 8 hours
    Cure Time @ 77F 24 hours 3 days 3 days
    Mix Ratio by Volume 100/47 100/47 100/47
    Mix Ratio by Weight 100/44 100/44 100/44
    Physical Properties Tg (F):
    R/T 151 151 142
    P/C* 196 196 196
    Elongation % 3.5 3.5 3.9
    Specific Gravity 1.14 1.13 1.14
    Linear Shrinkage @ 23C (4 days %) .10 .10 .10
    Tensile Strength PSI:
    R/T 8,200 8,100 8,400
    P/C 10,000 10,000 10,000
    Tensile Modulus (PSI x 10 -5) 4.8 4.2 4.0
    * Viscosity may vary +/- 10%
    * Post Cure for 2 hrs. @ 150F
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  • Reviews

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    by James E

    E-Z POXY is the only resin I have used for Lay-Ups and structural work on my Velocity. I use the pump and have it set at 100-47. If the shop is at 70 degrees it will set up in 18-24 hours with the EZ 83 hardener. It is easy to mix by it’s self or add Micro Balloons, Flox or Milled Fiber to mixed resin. On big jobs I use a carbon mask to not take in the fumes.
    It is cut able with a knife at 18 hours sanding 24-36 hours. I find the when mixed with Milled Fiber you need to let set for 36 hours or the sanding paper plugs up. The use of a heat gun really get it flowing if needed. It starts to get thicker in about 30 minutes so heat with the gun and flow out.
    I really like working with the stuff.

    by Steve H

    I built my entire cozy IV using E-Z Poxy with EZ 83 hardner except for the fuel tanks I used the more fuel resistant slow hardner. It works great and is consistent plus it was always available to buy unlike some of the other systems.

    by Tim F

    by Ed B

    Its the only product we use for students to complete their composite projects. Hardener just needs some heating during the winter.
  • Q+A

    Ask a question

    How much coverage area does the 5 gallon kit cover for the 4533 Fiberglass cloth that you sell?
    This should cover approximately 184 sq yards.

    What type of thinner do you use for clean-up?
    A common solvent for cleaning up un-cured epoxy is Acetone. We also offer a non-hazardous cleaner called Replacetone. It is offered in quarts, 01-08823, & gallons, 01-08834.

    What proportion of hardener to resin should I use with the E-Z Poxy Epoxy Laminating System?
    Per the information on the Specifications Tab, the ratio is 100/44 by weight, or you can also measure it 100/47 by volume.

    What epoxy would you suggest for putting on 7781 e-glass satin weave 9oz?
    Any laminating epoxy can be used with this, and any fiberglass cloth we offer. If you are building an aircraft, you will want to use whatever the designer, or kit manufacturer suggests.

    I used the Safte-T epoxy years ago and loved the amber tint it put on my wood strip boats. Does it's replacement, E-Z Poxy, have the same amber coloration?
    Yes, the resin is clear, but the hardener is amber color, and gets darker as is gets older.
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