#4533 S-GLASS CLOTH 5.8 OZ. 60

Part # 4533-60


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    The chemical formulation of S-glass differs from that of standard E-glass. Examples of E-glass are found in the Standard Fiberglass Cloth section of this catalog. S-glass is 30% stronger and 15% stiffer than E-glass and retains these properties up to 1500 F. S-glass is also considerably tougher than an equivalent E-glass. Other styles are available on request. Sold by the yard.

    • Style #: 4533
    • Weight (Oz./Sq Yd.): 5.8
    • Width: 60"
    • Thickness: .009"
    • W x F: 18 x 18
    • Weave: Plain
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    Ask a question

    Can you inform me as to the thread count for the warp and fill of this fabric as well as the weight before layup?
    The thread count is 18x18, and the weight is 5.59 oz.

    Hi! What's the width of this fabric roll?
    He have updated the description to include the width, which is 60".

    Does this s-glass cloth meet any MIL or AMS specification?
    Per the supplier: the finish can meet AMS3824C.

    Is the #4533 S glass a bi-directional weave?
    Yes, it is a bi-directional cloth.

    What is the thickness of the 4533 S-Glass cloth 5.8 oz, part # 4533-60?
    Per the tech data sheet, it is 7.40 mil.
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