Part # 11-15515


  • Overview
    skyBeacon is a 2020 compliant, near zero-install, Class B1S ADS-B UAT transmitter integrated into a wing tip position light for experimental aircraft. An internal wireless monitor decodes replies from legacy Mode C transponders. Integrated uAvionix FYX WAAS GPS. 14 CFR 91.227 compliant. Smart phone configurable over WiFi.

    Easy Installation

    Installation is as simple as changing a lightbulb.
    No airframe modifications or additional antennas are required.
    skyBeacon uses the existing mounting location, breaker, and wiring.

    Goof-Proof Configuration

    The skyBeacon mobile application will automatically configure the ICAO address, emitter type, aircraft length, width and GPS offsets by accessing the aircraft registration information stored online.

    Ready for 2020

    The All-in-one ADS-B solution that includes

    UAT ADS-B Out
    Integrated WAAS GPS
    Works with any Mode C transponder wirelessly
    Supports Anonymous Mode
    Integrated LED Navigation light
  • Certifications
    • ADS-B Out: 91.225, 91.227, AC 20-165B
    • GNSS Position: AC 20-165B
    • Position Light: SAE/AS8037
    • NON TSO'd - For Experimental Aircraft Only
  • Documents
  • In The Box
    • skyBeacon
    • 3x - O-Ring Seals
    • 3x - (6-32 x 1-1/4") button head machine screws
    • 3x - 6-32 Nut Plates
    • Wire Lead
    • Mounting Gasket
  • Reviews
  • Q+A

    Ask a question

    Does this UAvionix Skybeacon Integrated Wingtip ADS-B out system work with KT76A transponder with mode C? How does it recognize my mode C xpdr?
    Yes, this is compatible with all Mode C transponders. The wireless functionality described is accomplished via a transponder monitor that detects the transponder squawk code and keeps it in sync with the ADSB-B out functionality. Your Mode C transponder does not have to have any special functionality to work with this system.

    Will this provide a gps signal for an iPad via Bluetooth?
    No, this is an ADS-B Out system only. It does not provide any signal in.

    Can you explain anonymous mode of the UAvionix Skybeacon ADS-B Out System?
    When checked, this enables the skyBeacon to transmit a self-assigned ICAO and sets a random Call Sign when the squawk code matches the defined VFR squawk code (1200).

    My 177 Cardinal has a strobe incorporated with the position light. How does this Uavionix Skybeacon ADS-B unit interface with the strobe? Must the original strobe be moved to install the sky beacon? Will the strobe interfere with the operation of the unit? Any idea on cert date? Lars
    This unit replaces the left position light. Therefore it does not interfere with the strobe. It cannot be installed on certified aircraft at this time and there is not timetable to receive FAA Approval.

    What happens to the position light? I have position lights with Whelen strobes built into them. Is this compatible with that setup?
    The position light is removed. So it will not work with that. You will need to add a strobe light if this is the case.

    Any chance this will be legal for certified aircraft before 2020?
    Yes, the Skybeacon is currently undergoing the certification process and is expected to be TSO'd in Spring of 2018.

    I have a kit fox 4 with strobe lights. Will the UAvionix Skybeacon work with one strobe on the right wing and the ADS-B on the left wing?
    No, you will need a strobe on both wing tips. The Skybeacon ADS-B does not have a built in strobe light. This product contains a position light only.

    I dont want my nav lights on during day operations. Why cant I hook this Uavionix SkyBeacon system up to the strobe power?
    This must have power at all times in order for the ADS-B out to be functioning.And is not meant to be connected to any other power source.
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