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  • Overview
    It is the world’s only ELT equipped with a 406 MHz back-up antenna, which enables the ELT to transmit the 406 MHz distress signal independently from the aircraft, in case the external antenna is broken or damaged. Its embedded GPS improves location accuracy to hundreds meters while avoiding the cost of a GPS interface installation. Save long-term costs with the Integra ELT’s 10-year warranty, the longest warranty period in the industry. Trusted partners such as Airbus, Embraer, Honda Jet, Cub Crafters, Robinson Helicopters and others rely on the Kannad Integra ELT.
    • All aircraft
    • Straight replacement for ARTEX RCPs to ensure easy replacement of your old two frequency ELT
  • Features
    • Weight: 50g.
    • Dimensions: 33 x 50 x 43mm
    • 3-position red switch (ON, ARMED, TEST/RESET)
    • D-SUB 9 pin connector with threaded locking device (UNC 4-40)
    • Output to drive an external buzzer
    • Output to control an external horn or annunciator (up to 1A)
    • Kit includes mating SUB-D9 connector for easier installation
  • Specifications
    • Operating Temperatures: -20° to +55°C
    • Two-frequency transmitter (121.5 / 406MHz) / 48 hour certified transmission on 406MHz (distress) and 121.5MHz (homing)@ -40°C
    • 6 year battery life-time
    • Internal GPS receiver
    • Internal 406MHz antenna
    • Weight: 850 g
    • Transmitter Dimensions: 131x 86 x 75.4 mm
  • In The Box
    • The revolutionary McMurdo Kannad Integra 406 ELT
    • Universal mounting bracket
    • Whip antenna - AV 200 or Rod antenna - AV 300
    • SUB-D 9 Pts Female Connector
    • RC200 Remote Control Panel
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    Would this Kannad Integra Easy ELT be considered hazmat for international air freight?
    Yes, due to the battery, this is considered hazardous for air shipping.

    Will this Kannad Integra Easy ELT unit pick up the GPS signal inside the plane (a mooney)?
    No. It uses the external antenna to pick up the GPS signal that is then routed to the unit.

    Is the remote rod antenna for the Kannad Integra Easy ELT for 406 and GPS? The internal for backup only?
    The remote rod antenna is only for the 406 signal. The unit has an internal GPS antenna that is its primary GPS signal, and an internal backup 406 antenna to allow it to be removed from the aircraft. For a stronger GPS signal for regular position monitoring, the unit can be connected via the optional NMEA INTEGRA e-Nav interface to RS232 GPS NAV equipment in your aircraft.

    There are two conflicting answers to a similar question. One says the Unit utilize the External antenna for GPS reception, while the other answers says the unit uses only its internal antenna for GPS reception. Which answer is the right one?
    This elt does have an internal gps but if the elt is installed in a metal aircraft it will not output gps, therefore you will need an external gps source.
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