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  • Overview

    The Flight Recorder Pro is a patented and portable flight recorder. The unit captures and records high quality video from two small cameras, as well as GPS data and audio from internal and external communications in the cockpit. Captured imagery includes the pilot's view and the instrument panel as well as the pilot's manipulation of the flight controls. The data is saved to a small personal memory card which can then be downloaded and reviewed, analyzed and tagged over the Internet.

    Who is this product for?
    The perfect training solution for anyone interested in teaching the art of flying, from flight instructors to flight academies. The Flyvie Pro Flight Recorder is perfectly portable and fits most GA planes. The flight data records to an SD card which can be downloaded and replayed on the Flyvie Pro Viewer.

    How does it work?
    The Flyvie Pro Flight Recorder starts recording automatically based on predefined inputs like start of taxi or after takeoff and stops recording after landing. The “hands-off mode” enables the pilot to concentrate on flying the plane while the recording is done on a private SD memory card. After the flight, flight data from the memory card is downloaded to the Flyvie website and can be accessed and viewed on the Flyvie Pro Viewer.

    Package includes: Netbook, 2 - Webcams, GPS cable and accessories.
  • Videos

  • Features
    • Video record two views - both instrument panel and external horizon views
    • Audio record the cockpit and ATC communication
    • View your flight recording with GPS track overlaid on Google Earth
    • Share tagged segments of your flight with others - anytime, anywhere
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