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  • Overview

    Note: The AK-451-2D model operates on only two frequencies (406 Satellite and 121.5 Civilian). It is the less expensive option for customers that do not require the Military 243 frequency.

    *Mic jack feature not available on 406 MHz ELTs

    The Ameri-King AK-451 is 406 MHz ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter Types (AF) Automatic Fixed, & (AP) Automatic Portable. It transmits aircraft position data, immediately and accurately, on triple (406 Satellite /243 Military /121.5 Civilian) MHz frequencies.

    Having triple frequencies insures your distress message reaches both NOAA Satellite Operation and US Air Force AFSR Ground Operation, Search and Rescue Team, with 100% fully confidence, due to transmitting on both 243.0 MHz Military and 121.5 MHz Civilian bands, for immediate ground search dispatch, narrowing the searching time to almost nothing.

    Antenna Speed Ratings:
    • Whip - Maximum airspeed of 300 Knots
    • Rod - Maximum airspeed of 350 Knots
    • Blade - Maximum airspeed of 1.0 Mach

    Note: Any Ameri-King model with GPS in the description will interface with aircraft GPS/NAV, via RS-232 Aviation Protocol: Garmin Intl Inc., Honeywell Bendix King Inc., Trimble Nav Inc., Arnav Inc., II Morrow Inc.

  • Features
    • Applicable to all fixed wing aircraft types: General Aviation, Business Jet Aircraft, and Transport Aircraft
    • Dual Antenna: Blade Type (1.0 Mach) or Rod Type (350 Knots) or Whip Type (300 Knots) and Portable Hand Use
    • Ultra Long Lasting, up to 78 hours @-20 deg C, @ End of 5 yrs useful life time
    • Lithium Battery Package, 4 D-Size Cells
    • Reliable sealed G Switch, for dependable safety
    • Simple Installation. All accessories include Pre-fabricated Wiring Harness Assy, Remote Control Panel, Audible Warn Buzzer , Coaxial Cable Assy, and Universal Mounting Tray
    • Coding Programming Worldwide, all available ELT Protocols
    • Self Test built-in
    • Compatible Mounting Patterns Include: AK-450, ACK, Pointer, Narco, Artex, Kannad
  • Package Includes
    • AK-451 w/ Battery (AF/AP ELT)
    • Portable Antenna
    • Whip, Rod, or Blade Antenna
    • Remote Switch
    • Prefabricated 25 Foot Wiring Harness Assembly
    • Audible Buzzer Monitor
    • Six Foot Coaxial Cable Assembly
    • Mounting Tray
    • Velcro Holder
    • Portable Soft Case
  • Reviews

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    by Rodney L

    Mine failed its first annual. One year and twenty days later it does not work.

    by Dew A

    Failed first annual as well. 1 year 5 days later it does not work. Ameri King wants to charge me to repair it. Replacing with different product.

    by Tim V

    Do not beleive this peice of garbage can be sold as lifesaving equipment. When it fails, as it will, Ameri King will ask you to return it for repair. They will then tell you it is irrepairable but offer you the opportunity to buy a new one from them for half price. Do not trust your life to this unit.

    by Valter

    Very god

    by Jeff K

    Not a certified ELT if manufactured after December 2016. (and depending on upcoming events...may get back dated!) ...
    Otherwise still a total piece of junk!
    My batteries lasted less than 3 years...and now that Ameriking lost their TSO authority, you cannot replace batteries and get re-certified.

    by Hartmut B

    Installed easily, worked from day one, even after years , no problem. The lithium batteries last their full range time and beyond.

    Problems that others cite might be a bad batch of presumably failing electronic parts or lousy craftsmanship.

    However , not every unit is junk. Too bad that the upcoming AD renders the units worthless.

    by K. K

    Mine failed annual the very first year! Now no longer a certified ELT! Anyone buying this POS needs their head examined. Complete waste of money. Glad I didnt need it to function to save my fanny.

    by Rusty

    Save your money, nearly all of them are junk. They got more expensive and worse quality. Read the FAA ad notices and cease and desist online.

    by Tailwheels E

    I have found 4 of these units that failed in less than a year doing Annuals for people and Ameriking will not stand behind the product
    I recommend finding a different product

    by T-rets

    Piece of garbage. And I wondered why they never answered their phone, turns out they got pinched by the feds. Anyone want a $700 paperweight?

    by Victor S

    Bought replacement batteries for my Ameri King on July, 2015 and installed on the unit on October, 2015. Mechanic check the ELT on annual inspection this week and they are completed discharged. (Time in service 1 year 5 months).
    ELT was never used in an emergency.

    by Lee K

    Had two Ameri- kings in my Citabria over a 3.5 year period both failed in the annuals my AME bought 6 for resale 3 made 4 years the other 3 did not work or failed in less than a year. This company should not be in this line of work.

    by John T

    I can join this group. 18 months after purchase, batteries toast. Ill try calling them but after reading the experience of other I dont hold out much hope.

    by Brian

    same problem, after replacing original batteries, at next annual all batteries bad. I thought i had made a mistake in installing them , but after these reviews, I changed my mine.

    by Andy

    Battery is expiring after the first of the year 2/18 and I found out that its no longer TSO and wont be legal. Ameri-king and the FAA have dropped the ball on this one. My 2 year old ELT, future paper weight, is worthless at my expense. I highly recommend any Canadian pilots, where they are still certified, stay away.

    -Poor service
    -Borderline fraudulent
    -Non-repairable in the US
    -My research suggests high failure rate

    Im actually surprised that aircraft spruce has anything to do with them.
  • Q+A

    Ask a question

    Is the Artex remote switch compatible with the AK-451? We want to convert from an Artex 110-4 ELT to an AK-451-2D.
    No, they are not compatible you will need to rewire and replace with the new remote switch in the AK-451 box.

    Which of the accessories are obligatory for using of 11-10472 and which are just spare parts or options? Thanks and Best regards, Maria
    The AK-451 comes with everything needed to do the install and function.

    Can the Ameri-King AK-451 be programmed for Brazil?
    Yes, we can program the ELT here at Aircraft Spruce for Brazil as well as many other countries.

    Could you program an ELT to use in Costa Rica and what is the difference between the AK-451-2 and the AK-451-2D?
    Yes we can program 406 ELT units for international countries. The difference between the -2 and -2D is the AK-451-2 is 406, 121.5 and 243.0 where the -2D is only 406 and 121.5. The -2D is becoming the most popular version to order.

    What are differences between the AK-451-2 and AK-451-2D? Which accessories not includedin package are obligatory for installation and operation?
    The AK-451-2 is 406/121.5/243.0 where the AK-451-2D is 406/121.5. Either unit can be used. Both AK-451 models come with everything needed to do the install and function and must be installed (antenna, remote switch etc).

    Do you sell a floating collar for the Ameri King AK-451-2D ELT?
    No, the manufacture does not offer a floating collar for the AK-451-2D at this time.

    Can this be programmed for New Zealand and is it shipped with batteries or can we source these in New Zealand?
    Yes the AK-451 can be programmed for an international aircraft. It does ship with the battery and is a specific Ameri-King battery that cannot be purchased else where.

    What is the difference between the USA and international version? Can the USA version be flown in Canada or other countries or would it have to be reprogrammed? If you are thinking about doing international flying at some future point, why not just get the international version?
    The USA version is for FAA registered aircraft. Once done you will not have to reprogram the ELT unless you change the registration of the aircraft. This will allow you to fly worldwide as the 406 signal is satellite based. If you have an international registered aircraft we will program specific for that country.

    Can the Ameri-King AK-451 use an existing AK-450 external antenna?
    The AK-450 is a 121.5 ELT antenna where the AK-451 is a 406/121.5 antenna so it will not work but the AK-451 does come with the antenna in the box.

    Does AK-451-INT support automatic alarm activation?
    Per the Manufacturer, the AK-451 ELT does support automatic alarm activation.

    Is the remote control switch for the AK-450 ELT compatible with the AK-451 ELT?
    Yes, they are compatible.

    Is the mount for the AK-451 ELT the same as for the one for the AK-450 ELT?
    The mount is the same for both the AK-450 and AK-451 ELT's.

    Can the panel mounted remote switch of the Pointer 3000 ELT be used on the AK-451 2D?
    As neither company has provided any information regarding this, this type of installation is not tested and not recommended.

    If I replace my AK-450 with an AK-451-2D will I need a new GPS interface and new wiring?
    Per Ameri-king, you can use the existing wiring for the AK-450 with the AK-451-2D but you would still need to install two additional shielded wires to interface the GPS to the ELT. These wires come included in the AK-451-2D kit.

    Is the g switch available for purchase?
    The G switch is sealed inside of the unit and is not available for individual purchase.

    What are the dimensions for the remote switch to be panel-mounted for the AK-451 ELT, Part#: 11-10573?
    The remote switch for the AK-451 has the following dimensions: 2.17"W x 1.20"H x 1.18"L

    Can the AK-451-2D ELT accept GPS input via RS-232 at pins 1 & 2?
    No, only the AK-451-23 can interface to a GPS.
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